“My First Day” by Tanvi 

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Tanvi is an 11 year old student from Melbourne who loves to write. Here is one of her poems which is about Tanvi’s first

day in a new school.

All my things are in a box
My clothes, my shoes and all my socks
I get my hairbrush and brush my locks
Staring into space and cuddling my toy fox
We're moving and that is that
I tug my clothes and flip the rug/mat
My mom comes in and gives me a pat
She says I have a surprise what is that?
I get my things and go outside
All the emotions come in like a tide
All my friends are there for me to confide
I was so happy I almost cried
And I burst with pride
And then I realised
That I had a knot tied
Deep, deep inside
A gush of sadness overcame me
Realising that they would no longer be with me
It was a horrible thing to see
And then guilt ran free
My dad squeezed my hand 
I looked up and had a demand 
To stay here and
Stay on the land
My dad said that I would make new friends
Friends till the end
Friendships to mend
And they would always be my friend
I thought about it, lad
It then seemed rad 
I wrote it in my notepad
Maybe it won't be so bad

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