“MY LIGHTNING” By Oliver (13 Years Old)

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Frightening and thrilling 

A purple dash that last seconds

Making mayhem come alive 

Zigging and zagging through the night 

Stealing land during the night

They call him the dark sound

Because of his terrifying sound that forms disaster

Flashing across the city and all the other landscapes

They pray for mercy 

He is a devil throughout the night crafting mayhem upon the lands

Rattling and roaring

And you can only imagine when his friend thunder is on his side

Boom bam they roar together 

They create mayhem together 

They destroy lands together

Lightning and thunder 

They’re just two dark devils 

They’re unstoppable when there both awake 

The urban and rural landscapes have no chance

lightning screams louder when thunders around 

Bang lightning creates unstoppable disasters

That aren’t so natural when lightnings doing it 

Everyone tries to escape but when they hide he always seeks

as the night ends everyone who survived is grateful

but lightning is always waiting for the night

Because when it’s night again they all know lightnings going to create mayhem two times worse than before 

Boom crash crackle lightning is always there.

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