Poem of the Day


Blue Mountains Gully


Yellow crops of sandstone,

Jagged mountain peak,

Red display of waratahs,

A meandering bush creek.

White display of flannel flowers,

Bottle brush with orange cones,

Beautiful fronds of tree ferns,

Blue gums with crafted tones.

A frolicking roll of mountain mist,

An ancient windswept cave,

Green moss upon the velvet rocks,

Falling gum leaf gives a wave.

The tinkling sound of bellbirds

Run echoes round the stream,

A yellow-tailed cockatoo

Circles back to where it’s been.

The buzzing of a bush-bee

Comes from near a fallen log,

A croaking sound pervading

It’s a golden striped tree frog.

This bush display persistent,

Wallaby nibbles grass nearby,

A lyre bird shyly into view,

Kookaburras sit in branches high.

The melodic sounds continue,

Chirping birds with coloured plume,

Gorge of coolness calling,

Mountain gully, nature’s loom.


© John Williams


2 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Thankyou Kristina,
    As a boy I used to walk many a mountain gully. I still live in the Blue Mountains not far from those very same gullies. Kind regards—–John

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