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A Crocodile Called Burt

(For Karen)


He’s a funky crocodile,

a chunky crocodile,

a crocodile called Burt.


He’s a fearsome beast,

three metres at least,

he looks sleepy but he is alert.


Just don’t be misled

that he’s tired in bed,

by the sound of his rumbling snores.


If you get too near

you may well disappear

between his chewmungous jaws.


He’s a moving rock,

he’s a common croc,

no pedigree and no frills.


But next door you’ll see

reptile royalty,

two crocs called Kate and Wills!


 There really are two crocodiles named after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and they both live with Burt at Crocosaurus Cove, a crocodile sanctuary in Darwin, Australia.) From The Monster Sale (Frances Lincoln, 2013)



Brian Moses lives in the small Sussex village of Burwash with his wife Anne, and a loopy labrador called Honey. He first worked as a teacher but has now been a professional children’s poet for 26 years. To date he has over 200 books published including volumes of his own poetry such as A Cat Called Elvis and Behind the Staffroom Door  (both Macmillan), anthologies such as The Secret Lives of Teachers  and Aliens Stole My Underpants (both Macmillan) and picture books such as Beetle in the Bathroom  and Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe (both Puffin). Over one million copies of Brian’s poetry books have now been sold by Macmillan. Brian’s blog address is  brian-moses.blogspot.com

Brian’s latest book is School Report



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