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Creepy crawly spider

Creepy crawly spider
Hiding in my bed.
Creepy crawly spider
Crawling up my leg.

Midnight and no light.
With any luck,
It won’t take a bite.

Creepy crawly spider
You’d best be on your way.
I’m about to cry,
If you don’t go away.

I am feeling itchy.
It’s not the time to sneeze.
Stay still and don’t flinch,
When it’s crawling on my knees.

Creepy crawly spider
I don’t like you.
Time to say goodbye.

It’s growing bigger by the moment.
A massive, humungous thing.
I am lying here frozen,
Waiting for its sting.

Creepy crawly spider
I think I’m going to die.
I must take it in my stride,
As I say my last goodbye.

Then from across the room,
A flying wooden broom.
My sister saves the day
And makes the spider pay.

Squishy and flat.
It happened so fast
And I’m free at last.

What joy. Hooray.
My sister may be three.
She’s the hero of the day.
Wouldn’t you agree?

© Bonnie Lewis

NOTE: Poems are always being sought for this site. Please email them to dibates@outlook.com You can also include a biographical note with your contact details, if you wish.

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