Poem of the Day


Attack of the Giant Dinosaur  


I didn’t really mean,

To do what I have done,

I trod on a dinosaur’s tail

And now I’m on the run.


He’s about fourteen metres long

And he’s breathing down my neck,

My heart is purely throbbing

And my nerves are all a wreck.


He’s just about on top of me

His teeth about to crunch,

Oh where do you hide from a dinosaur

When you’re about to be his lunch.


“Stop playing with that lizard Tommy

And come on in for tea,”

“Ah you’d spoil any game mum

For a little boy like me.”


© John Williams





2 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Hello Karin,
    As a retired teacher I am very pleased that your daughter is using my poem for such a purpose. I hope you & your daughter enjoy the day and she brings much entertainment to her audience.
    Kind regards———–John

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