Poem of the Day


Easter thief


Tell me, Buster, tell me who

would want to rob a kid?

How could someone ever do

what this offender did?


Help me, Buster, use your snout,

your super sense of smell.

Sniff the thoughtless scoundrel out

and I’ll reward you well.


Sit up, Buster, take those paws

away from round your ears

Why the sudden droopy jaws,

the hint of doggy tears?


Why the worried-looking brow,

the tail between the legs…?

Naughty Buster, fess up now.

It’s you who stole my eggs!


©  Jenny Erlanger

4 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Poor Buster! Hope he didn’t swallow
    Easter eggs that day
    Chocolate can be death to dogs…
    A life’s too much to pay.
    Keep your eggs all locked away;
    Your grapes and raisins too
    Dogs will never understand
    Protection’s down to YOU.

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