Poem of the Day


A dragonfly


rests motionless on my finger

as I gently unravel

the spider’s silk

that is caught

around its wings and thorax.

It seems weightless,

with its dark, slender body,

and six fragile legs on my skin.

I unwrap each strand

until the dragonfly is free,

yet it doesn’t move.

We become a stillness

that dissolves into the morning

until    suddenly    it shimmers away

on brilliant wings

transparent into the blue.


© Vanessa Proctor

‘Dragonfly’ was published in ‘Quadrant’ Vol 57. No 1-2 2013 and has been accepted for publication by ‘The School Magazine’.


9 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

    • Thanks Jenny. I found the dragonfly in my front yard. It was so patient, letting me unfurl the spider’s silk it was caught up in. I was so glad it could fly again.

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