Poem of the Day


A Crackerjack Party


Near Trickle Falls where gums grow tall

And lacy tree ferns grow

A cheerful chap, Wally Wombat

Met Crackerjack the crow.

‘Come in. Come in’ he beckoned his friend

‘Please won’t you stay for  tea’


Crackerjack just  tipped his cap

And accepted graciously.

There they sat, they had a chat

And sipped their billy brew

And as the sun was going down

The evening shadows grew,

The crow he sighed I’m not yet tired

Let’s throw a fancy ball

With silverware and fancy fare

And fancy dress and all

‘A splendid thought, I think we ought”

Said Wally in a flash

‘My costume’s grand, best in the land

I’m sure to make a splash’

They chose a place, they cleared some space


The animals soon arrived

In costumes they’d had ready made

Or simply had contrived

The bilby was a bumble bee

The possum was Tarzan

A numbat was  a birthday cake

Wrapped in marzipan

The blue tongue skink was draped in pink

Red kangaroo in blue

Exactly what the dingo was

No one really knew


Crackerjack, with coat and hat

Was dressed as  the Mad Hatter

The wombat offered fairy bread

Served on a silver platter

Wally stood out, walking about

In the costume that he wore

With a toothy grin and tiny limbs

A T-rex dinosaur


The big bush band took to the stand

And rocked out loud and strong

The bowerbirds knew ever word

And they just sang along

It was an awesome do, the animals knew

And some were heard to say

Without a doubt the best night out

Since the Bush Week Jamboree


They sang and danced and laughed and pranced

Until the night was through

And in the morn they all went home

Through mist and morning dew

‘Well that was fun, now that it’s done’

Wally whispered to his friend

Let’s invite them back, dear Crackerjack

And we’ll do it all again’


© Allan Cropper

January 2015

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