Poem of the Day


D  O     N O T    D I S T U R B


I feel impatient to begin my quest

My card is clutched tightly to my chest,

As I enter this place where ideas reside

This amazing space wherein worlds can collide:

The past, the present and future days –

In a profusion of factual and fictional ways


I feel a hunger, but I must explain

The urge I have is to feed my brain

With words and images that intertwine

To create an experience, uniquely mine:

Be it action, adventure, romance or mystery,

Fantastic or funny or all about history


I feel the need, the need to read

And in this library, I shall succeed

I will peruse those books that catch my eye

And I will choose just one to take aside

Then I warn you, in case you have not heard

I am longing to read – so do not disturb!


Irene Buckler

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