Poem of the Day


Vicious Circle

It came without a warning

just before the dawning;

we found ourselves surrounded,

hunted down and hounded,

by a vile and vicious circle

with malevolent designs.


We were mystified and curious.

Why was this shape so furious?

and though we were confounded

we knew that we were grounded,

trapped by a selfish circle

in its πr 2 confines.


This painful circumscription

was dire beyond description.

It was injury compounded

with insolence unbounded.

We had to teach this circle

the harshness of its crimes.


We explained that such division

was a mean and cruel decision

and keeping us impounded

was evil and unfounded.

The ideal perfect circle

has no real borderlines.

Kate O’Neil

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #3


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