A bit of an introduction from Jeanie



Thought to do a bit of an introduction. That way you know a little about the person you are emailing.

My name is Jeanie Axton and I live in Mt Gambier in the South East of South Australia.

I am married to Nick and we have three grown up children, one grandson, 2 old dogs and one old cat. I was born in Mt Gambier then moved to Adelaide when I was 17 to do my teacher training at Underdale SACAE before taking on many contracts and then securing a permanent job with the SA Education Department at North Gambier Primary School. While on leave with our third child I had an opportunity to take up a position at St Martins Lutheran College in Mt Gambier. I was originally Middle Childhood trained but as St Martins evolved into a R-12 College I had opportunities to teach in the secondary school. Currently I teach part time covering Desktop Publishing and Web Creation in the senior years and Food and Nutrition, Technology and Media and Girls Christian Studies at Year 9 level.

I have been dabbling in poetry since I was young. Whenever I felt something was worth writing about I would jot it down and then with the transfer to digital technologies I would keep them in a folder. It is only in recent years I felt a desire to share and publish online.

I went online searching for sites and found the Australian Children’s Poetry site. Another site I contacted was dogslife asking if they would like a dog poem once a month. They agreed and I have been publishing online through them for a few years. Last months poem was about food socks


Another poem  I worked on for printing was through Sally Odger’s “The Toy Chest Anthology” submitting a poem about a scooter “ Scoot Scoot”.

I’ve written as well for Silver Birch Press via Facebook.


This was more of a serious poem but I thought I’d give it a go.

I love writing funny poems. A poem that really inspires me is Spike Milligan’s  “None today thankyou” from his 1981 book “Unspun socks from a chickens laundry”



Of course, as any writer would, one day I would love to either Publish or Self publish a book but I have a lot to learn first.

I’m thinking of doing an online writing course?

I feel quite humbled with the calibre of children’s poets who I’m now in contact with.

Any suggestions emailed to me are very appreciated.

In the meantime, please continue with your contributions. If you have a few other poems up your sleeve and you would like to have them on the site please send through and I’ll put them in my spare folder for the slower weeks.

Any suggestions on ideas for the blog please send through. One idea I have been sent is for poets to add in a few tips/notes for teachers with their poems or I could even add them in for you. Let me know what you think?

Have a good day everyone: keep writing



Here is a photo that was taken on the recent long weekend at Southbank in Melbourne

10 thoughts on “A bit of an introduction from Jeanie

  1. Lovely to read your introduction, Jeanie, and I must look up the dog blog – right up my alley! I like the idea of a couple of teacher pointers – even just highlighting any poetic devices. Not all teachers know much about poetry. I do often pass on poems from this blog that are relevant to topics teachers are doing (I’m a teacher librarian) and it would be a bonus resource. I haven’t sent in a poem for a while but will get right on it 🙂

  2. Thank you for your friendly introduction Jeanie, looking forward to maintaining my weekly submissions for your consideration. And thanks for taking the time to keep so many of us happily writing and/or reading poetry 🙂

  3. Hello Jeanie,

    I hope you enjoy your new role with ACP. I have not submitted for a while but I’m attaching a poem for your egg prompt. It’s a rooster speaking, so no eggs from him. However, he has about to say about the layers.

    I write (mainly poetry for children) as Kate O’Neil.




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