The Love of Eggs


The Love of Eggs

Mother Emu lays her eggs

Disdainfully walks away

Emu father tends their eggs

Turning each one every day


Echidna mums lay just one egg

In her pouch it hatches

When puggle starts to prickle

It’s evicted ‘cause it scratches


Mother Trapdoor loves her eggs

With silk she lines her nest

She sometimes gobbles up the dad

Mum Spider really does know best


Sea Horse Dads carry eggs in pouches

From eggs tiny foals break free

Sea Dads’ pouches stretch and stretch

Until Dads give birth in the open sea

Robyn Youl

2 thoughts on “The Love of Eggs

  1. Many thanks.

    In a classroom today it highlights the role of males in parenting. Some dads disappear, others lovingly tend. (Not for little kids) Mum Spider is interesting – the quicker the male is, the better he is at seducing the female, the longer he lasts to impregnate other female spiders so the greater the likelihood of this Don Juan gene has of cropping up in his sons. It does solve the problem of infidelity!!!!!

    Perhaps we could write to a target audience – Kinder/Lower Primary/Upper Primary/ College: Junior/Senior/Young Adult. This weeks is a challenge – you’re moulding this concept into an adventure! It’s going to be a fascinating journey. May we please have a club – association, society? Good on yer!


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