“Ants in my pants” by Jenny Erlanger


Ants in my pants


There’s a bee in my bonnet,

I know I’ll be stung

but I can’t yell for help

’cause the cat’s got my tongue.

I’ve got rocks in my head,

my heart’s on my sleeve,

the frog in my throat

is refusing to leave

and I’m not really sure

what is going to become

of the butterflies fluttering

round in my tum.

To think that I nearly

forgot to include

that my leg is being pulled

and my ear is being chewed!

My patience with you

is just ready to crack.

I lent you a hand

and it hasn’t come back!

So sorry for making

a big song and dance

but there’s more on my mind

than the ants in my pants!

Jenny Erlanger


8 thoughts on ““Ants in my pants” by Jenny Erlanger

  1. Another terrific poem, Jenny. Just a very minor comment . . . your scanning is always faultless, but if you don’t mind me saying, with this one I think it would have scanned slightly better if you’d written
    that my leg’s being pulled, and my ear’s being chewed
    Hope you don’t mind the nitpick – I’m a big fan of your work.

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