“Scene at School“ by Monty Edwards

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The picture in the history book 

Caused me to take a second look.

Some boys were scaling up a wall;

It looked to me someone might fall!

The wall had windows: large ones too,

As schools built long ago can do.

These give the students lots of light

And so protect their precious sight.

The walls composed of solid brick,

Had helped these boys perform their trick,

With bricks protruding left and right,

Which hands could grip and hold on tight,

While feet found rest on bricks below,

Until again they’d upward go.

I could not tell how high they dared, 

But no boy looked especially scared.

Do schools allow such tricks today?

Expect to hear a swift “No way!”

Since if one child were ever harmed

Then parents would all be alarmed.

The school would feature in the news,

Including irate parents’ views.

These days we’re much more risk averse,

Some think that’s better, others worse.

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