6 thoughts on ““The Year of the Metal Oz” by Jan Darling

    • Thanks Jaz – the descriptions should ring true and I’m very glad that you liked it. Characteristics have been collected and refined over thousands of years of observation and when compared with typical western horoscopes provide quite startling similarities. Where there are differences, they are usually explained by differences of culture, environment and history.

    • It’s funny you should say that – a friend at my bridge club said that it sounded exactly like her husband, too. They’re fun to do and often surprise people, which shouldn’t really come as surprise since they are based on observation. And a few thousand years ago the night sky was the one thing common to all people – and not a lot of tv programmes to distract you!

  1. And Happy Chinese New Year to you, Louise. Yes, The metal ox is both dependable and hard working. Great personality – the one who’ll always have your back in any situation.

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