“Barnyard Dance” by Toni Newell

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The animals were getting ready,
For this was their last chance,
To make themselves beautiful,
For the barnyard dance.
There she was, Molly, the sow,
Dressed up to the nines,
Accompanied by Billy, the goat,
Whose appearance was refined.
They wandered in, two by two,
And mingled with each other,
And then approached the dance floor,
Where they heard the drummer.
The donkey played the drums,
Whilst the cow took to the fiddle,
The rooster stood and ‘crowed’ his song,
Whilst the rest danced in the middle.
The Border Collie began to ‘howl’,
And soon the ducks ‘quacked’ in,
The others joined into the throng,
Which created quite a din.
They sang and danced together,
Until the break of dawn,
Then, off to bed they wandered,
To be there for the morn.

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