“Spider Music” by Celia Berrell

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Do not touch.  Just look with eyes
devoid of fear to fantasise.
The female spider poised in web
begins to move her slender legs.
And gracefully she plays her song
like fingered harp-strings.  Fragile, long.
With four front limbs she picks her tune.
Preferred selection Claire De Lune.
Accomplished legs instead of hands
can gently pluck those chosen strands.
Locating ones that soon vibrate
the presence of a tasty bait.
The silent fly snared by her threads
has changed the notes mad by her web.
With little sight she finds her catch
with musical prowess to match.

One thought on ““Spider Music” by Celia Berrell

  1. Very enjoyable poem Cynthia – it reminded me of the first time I watched a spider tempt a fly into her trap. I was amazed when she made her dash, grabbed it and without a pause, somehow managed to roll onto her back and, legs in the air, rolled the prize into a webbed bundle, attached it to the web and positioned herself in another (very carefully chosen) section of the web to await the next guest. I enjoy all of your work.

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