“Davey the Dunnart from Kangaroo Island” by Kerry Gittins

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Davey the Dunnart loved to play horn.
He’d play every night from dusk until dawn.
Down by the creek he would jam with his band.
Their sound became famous all over the land.
Roo played the bass, with possum on drums,
Bandicoot swung on the harmonium.
Drongo would warble a sound warm and clear,
Bat’s jazz guitar was smooth to the ears.
They’d come from the trees, from the Mallee and swamps,
to jump and to jive, to swing and to stomp,
to dance through the night right up to the morn,
all dazzled, enchanted by Davey’s sweet horn.

Then one moonlit night Davey didn’t appear.
It seemed that their friend had gone, disappeared!
The animals searched all the places they knew,
and even looked inside the park rangers’ shoe. 

But Davey was nowhere. He could not be found.
‘Where can he be?’ his friends wondered and frowned.  
As day turned to night, a smell filled the air.
The sky had turned black and a bushfire declared.
Thoughts of poor Davey were put to one side
as everyone ran to find places to hide.
The heat was intense. Many lost homes,
and when it was over were left all alone.
After some time, the healing began.
Green was returning to parts of the land.
Flowers had buds, trees had fresh bark, 
and once again music was heard after dark.
Then out of the blue on one bright full moon night,
the sound of a horn was heard soft and light.
‘Could that be Davey?’ croaked frog in surprise 
The crowd was amazed and tears filled their eyes. 
‘Davey!’ they cried as they rushed to embrace.
‘We thought we would never again see your face,
or hear that jazz sound only your horn can play.
We’re so glad to see you, so glad you’re okay.’

Davey looked up at the friends gathered near,
and smiled a big smile that stretched ear to ear.
He took to the stage and blew that sweet horn
and everyone danced from dusk until dawn.   

One thought on ““Davey the Dunnart from Kangaroo Island” by Kerry Gittins

  1. Wonderful Kerry! A rewarding read and I loved every line. I specially like your rhythm and rhyme, the jolly pace and the emotional journey you take us through. Lots of fun! This poem and Celia’s works (of which I am a most appreciative fan) set a high standard for both form and content. Thank you.

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