Funding Application


The design of Australian Children’s Poetry blog site was the work of talented children’s author, Helen Ross. For months I have been trying to find funding from organisations to pay Helen for the considerable assistance she has rendered, including help after the post went up last month. More recently I applied to the National Children’s Book Council of Australia for funding. This is the thrust of their response:

“While we all agreed your project has distinct merit and we congratulate you on your vision and your passion, the Board is not in a financial position to support any external requests for funding. 

“The National CBCA body is currently in a transition phase in developing its own financial security for its operations, this is not a small task I can assure you. Board members are working extremely long hours as volunteers themselves. We can certainly understand your position of wanting to create wonderful far-reaching projects that require funding—we’re in the same position as yourself in this regard.

“I can say the National Board is certainly looking forward to the day when we can offer this type of support; that would mean we have reached a significant point in our own development. 

“We certainly wish you all the very best, as we know you have similar goals to ours.”

Naturally I am disappointed with the CBCA Board’s decision, but Helen  has had to be paid. As a result I have paid her out of my own pocket.

If you would like to help defray my costs, please do so. You can contact me, at and I will give you banking details. Your financial help would be greatly appreciated.

Dianne Bates,

Website convenor