Poem of the Day


Rhyming Curse

I think my problem’s getting worse.

My every thought is thought in verse.

This habit’s now become a curse.

It happens all the time.


Each word inside me rattles round.

It plays with pattern, rhythm, sound

and won’t come out until it’s found

a perfect one to rhyme.


I wish I knew the way to mend

this most excruciating trend.

Just when will this affliction end?

What happens if it grows?


It’s shown no signs of stopping yet.

If I go on like this I bet

my brain will very soon forget

the way to think in prose.


© Jenny Erlanger





5 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. It’s a good poem, Jenny, and it’s true. When you’ve been stuck in poetry mode for a while, it’s hard to switch to prose. Same thing applies if you’ve been writing plays
    . At least for me.

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