Poem of the Day


Blue Cheese and Honey


There lived a horse who liked blue cheese

Served on a plate upon his knees

And every day the meal he ate

was cheese he ‘d placed upon his plate.


While out one day he found some honey

and poured it all – so sweet and runny-

upon the cheese upon the plate

set on his knees and so he ate

But the honey he had taken

Could have been a BIG mistake!


Bees flying in a frenzied state

Made a beeline for his plate

The horse ran off and left the honey –

upon the cheese – all sweet and runny


Thousands landed on his cheese

consuming honey as they pleased

Till gorging on and sated soon

they droned off in the afternoon


The horse returned and placed the plate

upon his knees and he was pleased

to realise-at least the bees

had left his Blue Cheese – which he ate.!


So if you choose to eat blue cheese

served on a plate upon your knees

avoid the thought of honey dressing.

Blue cheese – alone -is quite impressing!


© 2013 Jill Carter-Hansen, jill@visionaryimages.com.au

MOBILE  0412 181101  

WEB   www.scbwi.org/Memberprofile.aspx?u=2971391104689993




9 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

    • hello!

      It has taken me a few weeks to discover that I have had 3 comments!

      Thank you for being the first to put a smile on my face ( today, anyway). I do have lots more and limericks too.

      I’e written all my life – along with image and story making – and wonder if one day a publisher might show an interest – for an anthlogy. 2 of my 3 children’s books are written with rhyming verse for text. Sometimes my adult poetry is not this conventional.
      Tell me… are you also a writer and/or teacher? My email address is: jill@visionaryimages.com.au… should you choose to use it

    • Hello Tricia,

      Many thanks for your kind comment… I like all sorts of quite odd things…. and I have a son who enjoyed pickled cucumbers before he was one….
      Are you also a writer and/or teacher?

    • Hello Patricia,

      Thank you for your comment. I have many more and was glad that you enjoyed this one.
      The School journals have bought a limerick and a chlldrens’ poem called /Airborne’
      but I have no idea as yet which issue it will be published in..

      • I’ve now retired from full time work as an Out of School Hours Coordinator but love writing poetry and short stories some of which have won competitions and been published in anthologies.

  1. Reblogged this on jill2014dotcom and commented:
    JUly 21 2014
    There will be another poem of mine- THE BEAR – up soon on this poetry site.
    I hope those who get to read it,enjoy it…. although this one – unlike BLUE CHEESE AND HONEY is rather more melancholy…. Jill

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