Poem of the Day


At the Park


Great sticks in hand

we marched along

in lines as straight as roads

heading to the forest

where trees stand tall in rows


A sudden halt

I ground my stick

look back way o’er my shoulder

he follows,  s l o w

stick trailing now

behind my little brother


Come on!” I cry

to speed him up

one last green stretch to cover

not knowing what the forest holds

it’s best we stayed together


He caught up fast

stick raised up now

and pointed like a sword

quietly we crept along

eyes peeled as we moved forward










We stop again

feet poised and still

and listen to the breeze

it brings the sounds of something

that lives within these trees


We feel it getting closer

hot breath and heavy steps

sniffing those who trespass


then he leapt!


The fury of the dragon

was felt in flames of red

firing from his toothy mouth

smoke swirling round his head


We squeal as terror finds us

deep in this tree-lined forest

swords waving ‘round

as high-pitched cries

and beating wings surround us


Running hard

we stumble t’wards

the lit end of the path

an exit from the danger

a dragon’s angry wrath


Feet flying now

we cross the grass

and flop onto the mat

relieved, and breathing hard

we laugh … should we go back?


© Kristina Hoy


About the poet

Previously a full-time high school Science teacher, I now spend most of my time with my two young children. My poems are usually based on nature, written with the intent to encourage kids to explore, learn and connect with the outside world.


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4 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. I love this poem. It beautifully captures the spirit of adventure and rich imagination of young children and reminded me of my brother and me when we were Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday fighting for survival in our suburban backyard.

    • Thank you! I’m really hoping my two children continue playing in such imaginative ways for a while longer:)

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