Poem of the Day


The Back of Beyond


“We’re going on a holiday.

We’re packing bags and GOING AWAY!

‘Away from it all’ in a camper-van.”

That’s how Dad announced his plan.


“Away from it all! Far out!” I said.

But Dad just grinned and raised his head

and muttered “Yes! exactly so.

The Back of Beyond is where we’ll go.”


“How long does it take to get to Beyond?”

I asked, but when he didn’t respond

I asked if there’d be other stops

along the way. Would there be shops


to buy some food? And would there be

interesting things to do and see?

“Away from it all!” How could Dad

think that was fun? Had he gone mad?


‘Beyond’ was not on any map.

Was this plan some kind of trap?

I told him: “Dad, I want to know

About this trip, or I won’t go.”


He promised lots to see and do:

A locust plague in Bugaboo

Kangaroo pies in Pinnaroo

Dingoes howling in Orrorooooooooooo….


DAD! What are you trying to do?

Names like that just can’t be true—

You’ve made them up, haven’t you.

I’m staying here in Woolloomooloo!


© Kate O’Neil   http://www.kateoneil.com.au


The above poem was placed second in the 2011 Toolangi CJ Dennis competition


8 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

    • Our three daughters always turned into dingoes whenever they saw Orroroo signs on road trips. Good memories.

  1. This is a great fun poem, but also deceptively very skilled. I enjoyed the progression of the narrator’s thoughts, the character of Dad – and of course the twist… Lovely word-play, especially in ‘Orrorooooooooooo’ but also in the other town names. Lots to admire here.. Congratulations Katie!

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