Poems of the Day


The following poems were written by elderly patients in a Melbourne nursing home. Initials have been used to protect patient confidentiality. Prompts, which led to the formulation of the poems, are provided. Thanks to Robin Youl for this contribution.


Big Ears
Small little feet.

I brush his long hair.

He licks my hand.
He loves me
Just me.
Nobody else
Just me.

S @ Grant Lodge. [Prompt: Nursing, brushing Papillon PAT dog]

My Rainbow

My Rainbow
a road.

There is no beginning
You start
In the middle
A Rainbow Road
If you want.

All colours
Are beautiful
I love them
Every one.

Walk on any colour.
Walk on all the colours
If you want.

A Rainbow Road
Leads to
A Blue Mist
Which surrounds you.
If you want.

V @ Grant Lodge [Prompt: V’s Painting of a Rainbow]

The Face.

I look up.
Just above me
That face.

Suspended, staring

Passes between us.
I remain silent.
Perhaps she wishes to speak.
I do not know.

G @ Grant Lodge [Prompt: Recurring vision of this face]

Note: S passed away last year. To the end, Rusty was a welcome guest beside her on her Princess Chair. PAT dogs find dying patients very stressful – but are a wonderful source of comfort.

2 thoughts on “Poems of the Day

  1. Very sad about S. Sorry that she wasn’t here to see her poem published. Still, it’s wonderful that elderly people are being encouraged to write poetry, and doing it with so much feeling.

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing these. When we know the circumstances of the writer, they are particularly poignant. S’s poem on the special bond between a human and animal (particularly when one of these is nearing an end), V’s joyous acceptance of all the colours of the world, and C’s stark, vivid vision (so powerful): they are true gifts to the reader.


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