Poem of the Day



My sleeping bag is warm and tight.
I’ve wormed my way down deep.
Could someone please turn out the light?
I’m ready now to sleep.

I could be quite a while in here.
Take care of all my things.
I don’t intend to reappear
until I’ve sprouted wings.

© Jenny Erlanger

This poem won first prize in Jackie Hosking’s Rhyming Poetry Spring competition in 2013. Jenny has had ten poems published in “The School Magazine” and another two feature in Hopscotch (Jelli -Beanz Publishing 2007). Jenny’s book of children’s poetry, Giggles and Niggles (Haddington Press 2007) is currently out of print, but anyone interested in purchasing a copy can contact Jenny by email jennyerlanger@optusnet.com.au


6 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Just LOVE this poem Jenny. Beautifully, easefully rhymed with not a stumble in the rhythm, deceptively simple, and then pulls you back to read it again to notice that yes, it could well be written by a non-human – or not? What’s the term for an extended double-entendre [NO!]/sustained metaphor that works both ways: an anagrammatic metaphor perhaps? Bit like a camouflaged caterpillar but that’s not right either…anyhow, it works and resonates so well: congratulations.

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