Poem of the Day


Santa’s wish list


I’ve never thought it pleasant

asking Santa for a present

even though I’m really longing for a bike.

So while I’m sitting on his knee

and his attention’s all on me

I ask the man what he would really like.


Santa’s taken out a list

just to check that nothing’s missed

and I’m madly writing all his wishes down.

Some snazzy luggage racks

to hold those heavy-duty sacks

he lugs around at night from town to town.


He has now gone on to say

that he would really like a sleigh.

His other one, he says, is getting old.

A turbo-charged two-seater

with a super-duper heater

to protect him from the bitter arctic cold.


Dasher’s girth has lost its casing,

Rudolph’s harness needs replacing

and he says that he had better add as well

That Donner, Comet, Prancer

and some other deer called Dancer

all need a new and flashy-looking bell.


His list just keeps on going,

his demands on me are growing.

This really is becoming quite absurd.

The requests are getting stranger,

now he’s asked me for a manger

that is big enough to feed his treasured herd.


He’s still got several pages,

he’s been going on for ages

and I’m not sure I can get him all this stuff.

He’s talking now of brandy

and some special brand of candy

but I’ve hopped down from his lap. I’ve had enough!


© Jenny Erlanger


10 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Good original poem with excellent rhyme & rhythm which are two of the main attributes of good children’s poetry. Original idea, made sense all the way through, no forced rhymes & subject matter appealing to children. A big congratulations on a well thought out poem. You’ll have a double reason to celebrate December 25th now.
    Kind regards—–John

  2. Hello again Jenny,
    I just love good children’s poetry & you made a spectacular landing with this one.{ Neil Armstrong eat your heart out}. The best poem I.ve seen on this site Jenny.
    Kind regards——John

      • The poem does provoke thought about the ‘greedy’ side of Christmas, but does it so wittily that the ‘lesson’ is effective without being a spoiler. Brilliant.

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