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As Like as Two Peas

I wanted a brother,

But was warned by my mother

That we might get the other.

But no! It was twins!

Then Pa comes to stay,

His grandsons he sees.

‘Why bless me!’ he cries,

‘As like as two peas.’


Identical boys,

Double the noise,

Duplicate toys.

A pigeon pair!

Two mouths that dribble,

Two heads that nod,

As like as two peas –

Two peas in a pod.


Hair that is fair,

Gums that are bare,

Four eyes that stare.

Help! Mirror image!

To tell them apart,

Mum says it’s a breeze,

All but their ears

Are as like as two peas.


By Edel Wignell

© The Australian Society of Authors


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