Poem of the Day


I Luv My Speling


Last nite I sat doun kwietly

To get my homework dun.

I had to get my wirds rite

So I studdyd evry wun.


I thort Sir wood be hapy

and pat me on the hed.

But wen he cheked my ansirs,

his fase tirned brite brite red.


“Good heavens Smith,” he yelled at me.

“How could you be so dumb?

I’m going to write a note for you

to take home to your mum.”


I tuk the leter home with me

and wacht mum as she red.

She rote a leter bak to sir

and this is wot it sed.


Dear teecher thank you verry much

for karing bowt my sun.

I’ll help him lern his wurds tonite;

evry singal wun.



his muthar


© Warren Cox

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