Poem of the Day


My Nana’s Bag


My Nana’s arrival is an exciting sight

As she carries a bag packed extremely tight.


She carries her coat and umbrella furled

And the most exciting bag in the world.


She stands us in line for our hugs and kisses

And tells us how much she enjoys her visits.


After that she opens her bulging bag wide,

And out comes what she has packed inside.


First a chocolate cake for afternoon tea,

Liquorice and jelly beans for baby and me.


Then two jumpers, one blue and one pink,

One to wash and one to wear she says with a wink.


Out come some beads, a ball and two bats,

A doll and a pram and two calico cats.


Six pairs of crawlers made from old bedspreads,

And knitted striped beanies for everyone’s heads.


There’s a hammer and nails to mend the side fence,

Dad says that’s a gift with plenty of sense.


Out comes a scooter and a skippy rope too,

And a most beautiful set of drums, brand new.


A bright crocheted rug to go on the bed,

Be lovely and warm, my mother said.


After the crayons, paints and a big picture book,

Nanna stopped delving so I had a good look.


Five peppermints and a half knitted sock remained

Nanna’s wonderful bag was empty and drained.


Nanna stood us in line for more hugs and kisses

And we all said how much we loved her visits.


My Nanna took her coat and her umbrella furled,

And left with the emptiest bag in the world.


My Nanna’s departure was a very sad sight,

But she’ll be back to baby-sit us Saturday night.



© Margaret Pearce

P.O. Box 253,

Belgrave, 3160


Email: mpearceau@gmail.com


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