“SCHOOL FEVER” by Margaret Pearce

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Running to school one cold wet day

dreaming of escape and running away

Visiting islands full of sea and sun

Enjoying swimming and lots of fun

Returned to reality dark and grey.


Required homework not done yet

Idiot me never a teacher’s pet

Very hard to get past this disaster

Explaining why I can’t work faster

Rewriting forever the homework set.



Margaret Pearce

“My Secret Friend” by Margaret Pearce

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My secret friend

So fat and round

Under my bed

Was often found.


My secret friend

Liked being alone

Avoids emails

And mobile phone.


My secret friend

Never idle

Can walk up walls

With sideways sidle.


My secret friend

With legs of eight

And web well made

Prepares to wait.


My secret friend

Clears my room

Of flying pests

His web their tomb.


My secret friend

Costs nothing to feed

He always finds

The food he’ll need.


My secret friend

So black and furry

After he’s fed

Is almost purry.


My secret friend

So very lovable

Mum believes

He’s only trouble.


My secret friend

Had got to go

Mum thinks spiders

The deadly foe.


My secret friend

Doesn’t have ears

But very hurt

About Mum’s fears.


My secret friend

Was so bereft

He packed his bags

And quickly left.


My secret friend

So fat and round

Under my bed

No longer found.




© Margaret Pearce

‘TWELVE THOUSAND C.C.’S’ by Margaret Pearce

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He was a macho man

With speed man dreams.

He darned his leathers

With barbed wire seams.


He parted his beard

On the outside lane

And cleaned his teeth

With the sprocket chain


He lusted for the bike

Of his speed man dreams.

Double carbarettors

And twelve thousand c.c’s


He’d pay without woe 

He needed his butt

On a bike with go

On an engine with gut.


For that ultimate thrill

With death defying skill

Double carbarettors

And twelve thousand c.c.’s


Busted and ageing,

The biker kept raging

The oil kept seeping

And his life blood leaking.


‘I possessed the machine’

Gasped the macho man

‘With the speedy routine.

‘I don’t give a damn


My bike and I

With death defying skill

Will ride hell’s roads

For that ultimate thrill.’


M Pearce

This Man About Town

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In an urban residence
Lurks that animal of leisure
Barks work is for peasants
Life is for pleasure.

A beautiful Border Collie
A good working breed
Sneers chasing sheep a folly
No way to get a feed.

Always complacent
And so very smug
The most perfect mate
To cut a rug.

Always so immaculate
So very well attired
Ready for a dinner date
Whenever required.

So pay for his food
For the man about town
Don’t ever be rude
Or bother to frown.

And his fans are all sighing
As the scandal breaks
And rumours are flying
Jagger’s actions are fakes.

Such lovely brown eyes
Swearing cupboard love
Not very wise
To believe the above.

Are you paying his board
And never judgemental
About what you can afford
Always so sentimental.

Charming and flirtatious
Our expert Romeo
So obliging and gracious
A well fed gigolo.


Margaret Pearce






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Jeremy James Johnson was a very naughty boy.
Fatty fried junk foods were all that he’d enjoy.

Now Jeremy had a little dog, his name was Mut
He sat under the table, his mouth never shut.

Mut liked cauliflour, carrots and celery stewed,
He ate every scrap because he just liked food.

So Jeremy was able to show a plate scraped clean,
And demand two helpings of chocolate ice cream.

He got away with this for month after month,
Jeremy got thinner and Mut strong and plump.

Jeremy looked at Mut who shared his day,
And saw how fast he ran around to play.

“Mut’s not tired and runs faster than me.
Why does he still have so much energy?’

His father with glee got to Jeremy at last.
“Mut eats all his vegies that’s why he’s fast.”

Jeremy James Johnson is now very very good.
He eats all his vegies as every child should.

And fatty fried foods make him feel very sick
Because Jeremy is now on a fitness kick.

Margaret Pearce


Teacher Notes: by Jeanie Axton

1. First of all this poem leads to discussions about food choices for both humans and dogs. This could lead to creating menus for both, covering all the food groups. Here are a few links “Australian Standards” for us and advise on food for our doggy friends.



The 16th is Chinese New Year and the theme this year is “Year of the Dog”

2. There are a myriad of discussion points ranging from why and how the Chinese celebrate their new year through to their influences on Australian culture.
Well worth discussing the way they were treated when they came over for the gold rush .
Here is a link that would be suitable for secondary students

3. You could for Junior Primary or Primary students set up a book display in your classroom of dog books. One of my all time favourites is “Walter the Farting Dog” It is very funny.
You could set up a display of photos of the students dogs.
And maybe even get them to write poems about their dogs. If you get them to write poems please send me a few and I’ll put them on the blog.
If your really brave you could have a bring in your Dog day.
Have fun it’s a great theme.


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Hoo hoo hoo, and he haw hay

laughed the Kooka on his way.


After him the Magpies chased

winging past in reckless haste.


What was it that the Kooka heard

to cause the Magpies get so stirred?


An ornithologist rushed to meet

a Magpie walking on two sore feet.


‘I’m scared to fly,’ the Magpie wailed

‘They laughed at me because I failed.’


He then limped on, a bird unique,

an unhappy agoraphobic freak.





Margaret Pearce,


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Leaving her mother


Those big brown eyes


That cute black nose


Those watchful ears


Untrained, unlearned


Too young for hygiene


Puddles in carpet


Midnight throwing up


Sharpening new teeth


Loving all the world


Everyone loves her


Yelled out disasters


Much too young for


Sixteen months for


And promises of future


Or dreadful threat




Margaret Pearce