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Dacelo novaeguineae


Ho, koo-koo-kaa-kaa,


Laughing in your trees;

No jumbuck jollier,

Gladly I’d follow yu’,

Life was meant to please.


Can you whistle?

Oh but this’ll

Do, for laughter’s sweet

And you could,

If you but stood

Your terribly ticklish feet.


Tiring is this

Wing-flap business,

But you need to fly;

For ticklish feet

Sure has you beat,

But what a way to die!


Bridh Hancock

Poem of the Day

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Ho Kookaburra

by Katherine Gallagher


Ho Kookaburra

can’t sing a note –


all of his songs

get caught in his throat.


Ho Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha,

it sounds easy but it’s not


as he scrapes and cackles, saws away,

it’s the only song he’s got.


It’s enough to make you laugh –

that’s the one thing he can do…


Try to copy him – Ho Ho Ho Ho

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho Ho


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #5


Katherine says: This is a fun poem when done in class as everyone joins in.