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Retractable Teeth


Imagine, my friend…if you please, if you will…

That teeth were attached to your gums with great skill

By elastic – retractable, spit-proof and strong –

So that when they were wobbly, they’d not wobble long…

That the mean, ancient aunt who with glee and guffaw

Recommends that you tie your poor tooth to the door

With some cotton, then slams that old door with a bang!

Would faint dead away as your tooth, with a twang,

Zoomed back to your mouth in its boomerang way

Ready to chomp, munch and gobble all day.


Imagine, my friend… if you will, if you please…

That your teeth could extend down as far as your knees.

You could sit at the table with very straight back

Crunching secret supplies that were down in your lap.

And your mum, for whom manners at table are utmost,

Has cooked, let’s imagine, a nice, healthy nut-roast,

With no earthly clue that her child, yes, that’s you…

Is secretly eating the worst kind of goo.

The sugar, the colour, the taste, oh so yummy!

Is chomped in your lap, then transferred to your tummy.



Imagine, my friend… if you please, one last time…

That your teeth – so retractable, yes, so sublime –

Were immune, nay impervious, to plaque and to grot

And were teeth, everlasting, that just couldn’t rot,

So that if you ate junk, and let’s face it, you would,

Your teeth would stay healthy; your breath would stay good.

And your dentist, with beam fit to light up her clinic

Would trumpet your praise: ‘The example to mimic!’

Wouldn’t you grin at your photo beneath

Her new dentistry ad for Retractable Teeth?


Kesta Fleming

Poem of the Day

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Garth and his Bath


This is a tale of a boy named Garth

Who was far too lazy to have a bath.


One night when he did, he suddenly spied

A black ring running around every side.


When he asked his mum, “What’s that thing?”

She took a look and said, “A black bath ring!”


“It’s the dirt from when you walked in the mud,

“And that blob of gunk is when you fell ker-THUD!


“And see all that mess stuck around the ends?

“That came from playing with your friends.”


She got a soft cloth and her special spray,

And in no time at all scrubbed the bath ring away.


“That was hard work,” Garth told his mother,

“I have an idea to save all that bother.”


And he said with the widest smile she’d seen,

“Why don’t I stay dirty so the bath stays clean?”



James Aitchison

Poem of the Day


The Tortoise


The tortoise has a solid shell

And this protects it very well.

If frightened and it wants to hide

It tucks its head and legs inside.

Although its movement’s rather slow

It still gets where it wants to go.

Despite its most ungainly gait

You’d never say it’s running late!


Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #5


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Tongue Torture


If you like to eat cold meat and consider that a treat,

Have you ever thought of adding chilli sauce?

Use a little, not a lot, since this sauce is rather hot

And you wouldn’t want to singe your tongue, of course.


Don’t be led astray by greed and take more than you will need.

If you do, I can assure you, you’ll regret it.

Though your tongue may twist and turn, your whole mouth will seem to burn

And I doubt you’ll soon be able to forget it!


Monty Edwards

Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #32

poetry prompt #32

Monty says: The pickle prompt got me thinking about other sauces and relishes which adults enjoy, but children’s palates may not be prepared for.

Poem of the Day

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Ho Kookaburra

by Katherine Gallagher


Ho Kookaburra

can’t sing a note –


all of his songs

get caught in his throat.


Ho Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha,

it sounds easy but it’s not


as he scrapes and cackles, saws away,

it’s the only song he’s got.


It’s enough to make you laugh –

that’s the one thing he can do…


Try to copy him – Ho Ho Ho Ho

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho Ho


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #5


Katherine says: This is a fun poem when done in class as everyone joins in.