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Charlie McCarthy ate lentils and beans

and barbeque onions as well

Folk started running when they saw Charlie coming

’cause he came with a terrible smell.


Charlie McCarthy was partial to farting

he farted whenever he walked.

The Mayor of the city said ‘It’s just such a pity

but his butt hole should really be corked.’


He called the town doctor, who was a proct-

ologist, told him seal Charlie’s bum,

‘Just fashion a plug that will fit nice and snug,

using rubber and plastic and gum.’


The doc corked up Charles, but then came the loud growls,

from deep within Charlie’s behind.

Doc said, quite abrupt ‘If you’re going to erupt,

dear Lord, Charlie boy, please be kind.’


Then the doctor, he saw,  Charlie’s puckered back door,

quite suddenly open and close.

It blinked, then it winked, then the sphincter that stinked,

spat the plug out at the doctor’s nose.


Well, then came a roar,  like no other before,

as fart after fart filled the room.

Charlie lit a match, and the town was dispatched

with one massive explosion…KA-BOOM!!!

Allan Cropper

Poem of the Day

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I found a box

I saw ‘inside’

though what’s inside

I could not see.

Without a doubt

it’s inside out –

outside ‘inside’

just stares at me.

Perhaps ‘inside’

should be inside,

and ‘outside’ shown


But no,  ‘inside’

was outside wrote –

What’s ‘writ’ inside

perplexes me.

© Allan Cropper
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #30

Poem of the Day

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What has my tummy got inside?

I often sit and wonder.

(Sometimes it makes the strangest noise,

like very angry thunder.)


Now, what did I eat for breakfast?

Not that much, as I recall.

Fried eggs, baked beans, and marmalade,

with hot porridge first of all.


And what about last night’s dinner?

That yummy seafood pasta —

With chocolate mousse to follow,

Now that might spell disaster!


And there’s something I’ve forgotten:

All those TV snacks last night —

Iced VoVos, Twisties, Jaffas —

Helped quell my appetite.


All the food that I’ve been eating

Has nowhere else to hide —

It’s all down in my tummy,

And I’d hate to see inside!


 James Aitchison
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #30

Poem of the Day


BEWARE! This is a HORRIBLE poem!!

Read at OWN RISK!!!





What’s for dinner, Mum?


First up

slurp up

sliced slug soup

seasoned with slaters.



bite into

baked blowfly burgers

basted with blood.



gobble down

goat gut goulash

garnished with grubs.



munch up

minced mouse mousse

mingled with maggots.



dive into

dragonfly dumplings

drizzled in drool.


And last of all

swill down

seaweed slime smoothies

smothered in snot.


Still hungry?


Glenys Eskdale
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #20

Glenys said: I heard a discussion on ABC talkback radio about sayings mothers used to have as answers to the question, ‘What’s for dinner, Mum’, so I invented a poem of the most disgusting stuff I could think of.

Poem of the Day

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Garth and his Bath


This is a tale of a boy named Garth

Who was far too lazy to have a bath.


One night when he did, he suddenly spied

A black ring running around every side.


When he asked his mum, “What’s that thing?”

She took a look and said, “A black bath ring!”


“It’s the dirt from when you walked in the mud,

“And that blob of gunk is when you fell ker-THUD!


“And see all that mess stuck around the ends?

“That came from playing with your friends.”


She got a soft cloth and her special spray,

And in no time at all scrubbed the bath ring away.


“That was hard work,” Garth told his mother,

“I have an idea to save all that bother.”


And he said with the widest smile she’d seen,

“Why don’t I stay dirty so the bath stays clean?”



James Aitchison

Poem of the Day


Whiz Kids


Kate’s the quickest in our class

At working fractions out,

Wayne’s a whiz at Mental Maths,

He doesn’t mess about.


Tran’s a turbo-jet on skates,

But Polly owns the pool,

She swims the 100 metres

Like a fish on rocket fuel.


Sam’s a super sprinter,

Always first across the line,

Jess is quick to say, “Well done,”

And give the thumbs-up sign.


Chen’s a champ at cleaning up,

He empties every bin!

Emmy’s quickest with a joke,

And William’s quick to grin.


Me? I’m the lazy, laid-back type,

I like to take things slow,

But when Ms Mark says, “Class dismissed,”

Well, you should see me go!

 Jill McDougall

Poem of the Day


Through my Window


Morning comes in through my window

making shadows on my wall

I can see the roses waving

I can hear the magpies call

In the street the dogs are barking

busy people start their day

I stay wrapped within my doona

till it’s time for me to play

Morning comes in through my window

beams of sunlight make me smile

Mummy’s calling me to breakfast

‘In a while, Mum. In a while’

Then I smell the crispy bacon,

maple syrup, pancakes, more.

Morning comes in through my window,

I go racing out the door.


Allan Cropper
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #6