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Garth and his Bath


This is a tale of a boy named Garth

Who was far too lazy to have a bath.


One night when he did, he suddenly spied

A black ring running around every side.


When he asked his mum, “What’s that thing?”

She took a look and said, “A black bath ring!”


“It’s the dirt from when you walked in the mud,

“And that blob of gunk is when you fell ker-THUD!


“And see all that mess stuck around the ends?

“That came from playing with your friends.”


She got a soft cloth and her special spray,

And in no time at all scrubbed the bath ring away.


“That was hard work,” Garth told his mother,

“I have an idea to save all that bother.”


And he said with the widest smile she’d seen,

“Why don’t I stay dirty so the bath stays clean?”



James Aitchison

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