Poem of the Day

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Outback Afternoon


The breeze coaxes

the windows open:


Windows as large as doors;

Windows as small as Nana’s china blue

dinner plates;


Windows of rainbow coloured glass

covered with trees and angels;


Windows frosted, so you can’t see through them,

textured and light grey.


The breeze beckons the windows open



knock, knock.


The breeze doesn’t care if they are latched


or pushed out

as long as

they open.


The breeze remembers when

windows had no glass

and were just open squares in

the walls and there was no air conditioning.



The breeze knows that some windows

are so clean and clear

that when they are closed

clueless birds fly into them.



Whoosh!  Ha, ha!

The breeze chuckles its cooling fresh breath

through open windows

into the outback houses

wishing for the end of summer.


© June Perkins
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #6


Poem of the Day


Through my Window


Morning comes in through my window

making shadows on my wall

I can see the roses waving

I can hear the magpies call

In the street the dogs are barking

busy people start their day

I stay wrapped within my doona

till it’s time for me to play

Morning comes in through my window

beams of sunlight make me smile

Mummy’s calling me to breakfast

‘In a while, Mum. In a while’

Then I smell the crispy bacon,

maple syrup, pancakes, more.

Morning comes in through my window,

I go racing out the door.


Allan Cropper
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #6