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I saw a frog in the bathroom last night

It seemed to be staring right at me in fright

big toilet roll eyes on a porcelain face

just stared up at me with a look of disgrace

did not say a word, but he sat there and frowned

as though disapproving, did not make a sound.

I pressed on his nose as he stared with distrust,

and water gushed out as the toilet bowl flushed.

I wonder if I’ll ever see him again?

I wonder if next time he might bring a friend?

© Allan Cropper

Poem of the Day

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Charlie McCarthy ate lentils and beans

and barbeque onions as well

Folk started running when they saw Charlie coming

’cause he came with a terrible smell.


Charlie McCarthy was partial to farting

he farted whenever he walked.

The Mayor of the city said ‘It’s just such a pity

but his butt hole should really be corked.’


He called the town doctor, who was a proct-

ologist, told him seal Charlie’s bum,

‘Just fashion a plug that will fit nice and snug,

using rubber and plastic and gum.’


The doc corked up Charles, but then came the loud growls,

from deep within Charlie’s behind.

Doc said, quite abrupt ‘If you’re going to erupt,

dear Lord, Charlie boy, please be kind.’


Then the doctor, he saw,  Charlie’s puckered back door,

quite suddenly open and close.

It blinked, then it winked, then the sphincter that stinked,

spat the plug out at the doctor’s nose.


Well, then came a roar,  like no other before,

as fart after fart filled the room.

Charlie lit a match, and the town was dispatched

with one massive explosion…KA-BOOM!!!

Allan Cropper

Poem of the Day

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Over the fence and

along the dirt track,

weaving through bushes

without looking back.

Three brave young explorers

and Foster the dog

went out hunting tadpoles

went out hunting frogs


With nets and glass bottles,

their tools of the trade,

down to the water

their way the three made.

These hardy explorers

and Foster the dog

were searching for tadpoles,

were searching for frogs.


Scooping up water

and netting their prize –

a bottle of tadpoles,

one frog with big eyes.

So armed with their tadpoles

And one big eyed frog

Home went the explorers

with Foster the dog.

© Allan Cropper
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #31

Poem of the Day



Butcher Bob from Iron Knob was known throughout the land

for cooking food that tasted good, with produce fresh at hand

Now, Bob he strove to get his stove to turn out something new

He’d not prepare the common fare the common townsfolk knew


From out the back was heard a quack, a gobble and some clucking

a chop or three, then glory be, a mess of feather plucking

It seemed absurd, he stuffed each bird into its larger cousin

and finally, he sang with glee as he shoved it in the oven.


With carving knife, he and his wife had settled down to tuck in

to Sunday treat, this three-way meat, he invented roast turducken

‘Next week, my dear, my next idea…the roast I will be making…

roast beef, pig too, and kangaroo…my kanga-beefy-bacon.’

© Allan Cropper

Poems of the Day

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big black

bear be brave

because being beary blue


beary big

bounce your blues

back beyond Burke

big black



bounce brightly back

Karen Hendriks



blowing bubbles

big bubblegum bubble

biggest bubble bursting – BANG!

boo-hoo boo-hoo boo-hoo boo-hoo boo-hoo

Allan Cropper
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #29

Poem of the Day

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I found a box

I saw ‘inside’

though what’s inside

I could not see.

Without a doubt

it’s inside out –

outside ‘inside’

just stares at me.

Perhaps ‘inside’

should be inside,

and ‘outside’ shown


But no,  ‘inside’

was outside wrote –

What’s ‘writ’ inside

perplexes me.

© Allan Cropper
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #30

Poem of the Day



Touchy, feely

Touchy, feely

is it smooth or is it rough

Does it feel soft when you touch it

is it ragged, is it rough.


Touchy, feely

Touchy, feely

is it blunt or is it sharp

does it soothe you when you touch it

Does it make your fingers smart?


Touchy, feely

Touchy, feely

is it new or is it old

does it warm you when you feel it

Does it make your fingers cold?


Touchy, feely

Touchy, feely

Is it slimy like a frog?

No, it’s furry and its cuddly

It’s a brand new puppy dog.

© Allan Cropper
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #28


Poem of the Day




There’s an elephant hiding in the fridge?

How can you be so sure?

There are footprints in the margarine

and eggshells on the floor.


How did an elephant manage

to get himself inserted?

It must have been a treat to see

the skill that he exerted.


Its elementary, my friend,

he slid inside with ease.

He clearly used the margarine

as lubricating grease.

© Allan Cropper
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #

Poem of the Day

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Tea for two, and a biscuit with Granny

giggles and games, I recall there were many

but clearest of all,

I recall the small music box.

Hidden inside, a tiny ballerina

waiting to dance there, in front of her mirror

at my beck and call

once I had unclipped the locks.

Lifting the lid, I would take a peak under

up she would pop, not so much as a blunder

though not very tall

she would stretch to the sky

pirouettes fashioned on blue satin lining

tutu pure white, in the limelight, there shining

I somehow recall

just for Granny and I

© Allan Cropper
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #16

Poem of the Day



Moon Landing

Hey diddle duddle

what a terrible muddle

when the astronaut stepped on the moon

The cow looked confused

the wee dog was amused

and the cat and the fiddle just spooned

Allan Cropper

Allan said: Just a little bit on nonsense which sprang to mind when I saw your list of word prompts in Poetry Prompt #14