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Over the fence and

along the dirt track,

weaving through bushes

without looking back.

Three brave young explorers

and Foster the dog

went out hunting tadpoles

went out hunting frogs


With nets and glass bottles,

their tools of the trade,

down to the water

their way the three made.

These hardy explorers

and Foster the dog

were searching for tadpoles,

were searching for frogs.


Scooping up water

and netting their prize –

a bottle of tadpoles,

one frog with big eyes.

So armed with their tadpoles

And one big eyed frog

Home went the explorers

with Foster the dog.

© Allan Cropper
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #31

Poem of the Day


Fields of Summer

by Dianne Bates



A wilderness of T-trees

In our paddock playground

One free day in the midst of childhood

A day filled with everything


We are wild things,

Charging, ducking, hiding,

Flies swamping our sweaty faces


A dove, startled, flies up and

Petals fall like a sprinkle of rain

As we play

A game of cowboys and Indians

With imaginary guns

Bang! Bang! You’re dead!


Falling to the ground face-up

Wisps of clouds slide above

As if breathing in and out.

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #2


Dianne says: The letter T reminded me of tea-tree bushes that as children my brother, sister and I played among. We didn’t get much time to play as we were forever working on the farm (pigs, goats and poultry).