Poetry Pointers

  1. Try to write every day. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike.


  1. Play to your strengths. If you prefer to write in rhyme, do so. If not, don’t. It doesn’t matter whether a poem rhymes or not.


  1. Having said that, it is also important to push yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time.


  1. Don’t write to a formula. If your writing interests you, it will probably interest other people. If it bores you, it will probably bore others.


  1. Don’t take rejection personally. Remember, it is only your poem that is being rejected, not you.


  1. Talent is overrated. Persistence is much more important.


  1. Know the markets. Write with the markets in mind.


  1. Having said that, don’t write with the markets in mind all the time. It is important to have fun with your poetry, and take risks. Try not to get too serious about it all.


  1. If you’re stuck for an idea, choose something small and insignificant to start with, and build from there.


  1. Celebrate your mistakes. They are evidence of your productivity. Remember, the most mistakes are made by the most successful people.


Thanks to Stephen Whiteside for these excellent tips on writing poetry. Stephen’s collection of rhyming verse for children, ‘The Billy That Died With Its Boots On’ and Other Australian Verse, was published by Walker Books in 2014. In 2015, the book won a “Golden Gumleaf” award for “Book of the Year” at the Australian Bush Laureate Awards during the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Visit his website for more details.


Poem of the Day


Heading To the Game


I prodded my mate as we rode on the train.

“You know that we’re just gonna thrash you again.

Your players are either too short or too slow.

It’s a foregone conclusion. Just thought you should know.


“Besides, your team’s mascot. Mate, give me a break.

A platypus? That is a major mistake!

A lion or tiger might stir up some fear.

A platypus? Your blokes have got no idea!


“And why is it purple? I tell you, it’s sad.

A team needs a mascot that’s scary and bad.

Yours just looks weird. It’s not a good look.

No wonder the team you support is so crook.”

My mate simply smiled. He wasn’t upset.

“You’re really so certain? Well, let’s have a bet.

You look and you sound like a back-country bumpkin.

You can share my soup later.” “Tomato?” “No, pumpkin.”


Stephen Whiteside
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #9

Poem of the Day

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Golden Sands

Oh, the sky was blue and the bottle was green and the old wooden fence was brown.

I didn’t go into the sea that day for fear I would falter, and drown.

But would I have taken a chance on a dip, here is question for you,

If the fence had been green, and the sky had been brown, and the bottle had been a bright blue?

© Stephen Whiteside
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #7


Poem of the Day

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An Orange Egg


I’m sure that I can eat an orange egg.

You do not have to plead. You needn’t beg.

I do not think that I have ever tried

An orange that’s been boiled, poached or fried.

Nor have I yet consumed an egg that’s raw,

Been neatly peeled, and sliced up into four.


An orange placed on toasted sourdough

Is not a taste sensation that I know.

I haven’t eaten egg as marmalade.

I’m not convinced that it would make the grade.

I know! I’ll mix the two into a goop,

And eat them as an eggy, orange soup!


© Stephen Whiteside
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #45


Poem of the Day

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FOOD inside an orange egg.

So, you want to pull my leg?

Not an egg and not a fruit.

Is it food? The point is moot.


Letters help to form a face.

Judging by their size and place,

Eyes comprising two big “O”‘s.

Nothing there to serve as nose,

But all’s not lost, no, have no fear,

For “F” and “D” each serve as ear!

Stephen Whiteside
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #45


Poem of the Day

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Only One Moon

I really think Earth needs another Moon.

It isn’t fair that we should have just one.

Only one to grace our heaven –

Jupiter has sixty seven.

Wouldn’t sixty seven moons be fun?


It isn’t fair Earth only has one Moon.

Even little Mars has got a couple.

If we followed them in flight,

Tracked their paths throughout the night,

Our necks would stay extremely loose and supple.


And why is Earth’s moon simply called “The Moon”?

I ask you, could it ever be more flat?

Saturn’s blessed with mighty Titan,

Neptune’s orbited by Triton.

Then there’s Ganymede. How cool is that?


I’m sure that NASA’d like a second moon –

Another astro-challenge to be won.

When the news screamed “Man on Moon!”,

Before we fell into a swoon,

We’d pop the question quickly: “Right. Which one?”


Stephen Whiteside

Poem of the Day

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The Platypus at Abbotsford

A young platypus was recently sighted in Melbourne’s Yarra River, where it winds through the inner city suburb of Abbotsford.


The platypus at Abbotsford is new upon this earth.

It isn’t very long ago its mother gave it birth.

It views the world with wonder, and it moves with merry mirth,

And doesn’t see the dangers in the shadows.


The platypus at Abbotsford is learning how to dive,

And all the other little tricks it needs to stay alive.

Let’s hope it does much more than live, and learns to really thrive,

But perils lie in wait in all directions.


The platypus at Abbotsford is thrilled to find such space.

It can’t believe that others have not occupied this place.

It doesn’t know they did, but failed to prosecute their case.

Their bones lie buried in the river’s bottom…


The platypus at Abbotsford gives hope, gives joy, gives heart

That each and every one of us will play our vital part

In making sure that platypus gets off to a great start

To face an even more successful future!

Stephen Whiteside