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The Platypus at Abbotsford

A young platypus was recently sighted in Melbourne’s Yarra River, where it winds through the inner city suburb of Abbotsford.


The platypus at Abbotsford is new upon this earth.

It isn’t very long ago its mother gave it birth.

It views the world with wonder, and it moves with merry mirth,

And doesn’t see the dangers in the shadows.


The platypus at Abbotsford is learning how to dive,

And all the other little tricks it needs to stay alive.

Let’s hope it does much more than live, and learns to really thrive,

But perils lie in wait in all directions.


The platypus at Abbotsford is thrilled to find such space.

It can’t believe that others have not occupied this place.

It doesn’t know they did, but failed to prosecute their case.

Their bones lie buried in the river’s bottom…


The platypus at Abbotsford gives hope, gives joy, gives heart

That each and every one of us will play our vital part

In making sure that platypus gets off to a great start

To face an even more successful future!

Stephen Whiteside

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