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Only One Moon

I really think Earth needs another Moon.

It isn’t fair that we should have just one.

Only one to grace our heaven –

Jupiter has sixty seven.

Wouldn’t sixty seven moons be fun?


It isn’t fair Earth only has one Moon.

Even little Mars has got a couple.

If we followed them in flight,

Tracked their paths throughout the night,

Our necks would stay extremely loose and supple.


And why is Earth’s moon simply called “The Moon”?

I ask you, could it ever be more flat?

Saturn’s blessed with mighty Titan,

Neptune’s orbited by Triton.

Then there’s Ganymede. How cool is that?


I’m sure that NASA’d like a second moon –

Another astro-challenge to be won.

When the news screamed “Man on Moon!”,

Before we fell into a swoon,

We’d pop the question quickly: “Right. Which one?”


Stephen Whiteside

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