Poem of the Day


Space Traveler


I plan to build a spaceship soon and travel to the stars.

My Dad says: “Land first on the moon, then buy more fuel on Mars.”

But will the Martians sell me fuel if I’ve no shopper docket?

I’ll ask my mum to give me one and keep it in my pocket.


At school we learned the nearest star is still quite far away.

This means the food I’ll need to pack must last more than one day.

So I should fit a cupboard in where food can all be stored

And for my rest, it’s surely best, to put a bed on board.


My spaceship must have windows where I’ll watch the stars at night.

For sleeping, I’ll make shutters to keep out their dazzling light.

Since stars will be much closer as I travel out in space

There’d hardly be much sleeping with them shining in my face!


I’ve worked it out. Without a doubt, my spaceship will be large.

I ought to contact Fuel Watch too, to learn what Martians charge.

I think perhaps I need more time. There’s so much I must do,

But once my spaceship’s ready, then I’ll say goodbye to you.


Or would you like to help me build and join me for the ride?

You needn’t  answer straight away, there’s still time to decide,

But if you plan to come along, you too need food and bed.

So let’s  just ask our mums to take us to the zoo instead.


Monty Edwards

Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #35Poetry Prompt #35

Monty says:  Space travel seems to fascinate many children and stimulate their imagination, long before they have any realistic concept of what it might involve.

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