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Pickled peppers


Polly Packer picked a pile of pickled peppers

outweighing the paltry peck that Peter chose.

Poor Peter Piper’s paused his pepper picking

and all he picks at present is his nose.

Jenny Erlanger
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #32

poetry prompt #32

Jenny said: The prompt word, “pickle” reminded me of the famous old tongue-twister involving Peter Piper and his pickled peppers.   The challenge was to find enough new words starting with “p” to retain a tongue-twister character.


Poem of the Day




Balanced on the end of a twig,

raging river below,

tree canopy above,

can’t climb back,

mustn’t fall down.


halfway between:

earth and sky,

falling and stuck,

alive and dead.


need nerves of steel,

a sharp brain,

monkey muscles.


this boy buccaneer

should have eaten

that basin of spinach,

broccoli and seaweed,


or he should never

have followed

his fog-brained idea

to climb this tree

in the first place.


Glenys Eskdale


  • Submitted in response to Prompt #29

Poetry Prompt #29