Poem of the Day


Whiz Kids


Kate’s the quickest in our class

At working fractions out,

Wayne’s a whiz at Mental Maths,

He doesn’t mess about.


Tran’s a turbo-jet on skates,

But Polly owns the pool,

She swims the 100 metres

Like a fish on rocket fuel.


Sam’s a super sprinter,

Always first across the line,

Jess is quick to say, “Well done,”

And give the thumbs-up sign.


Chen’s a champ at cleaning up,

He empties every bin!

Emmy’s quickest with a joke,

And William’s quick to grin.


Me? I’m the lazy, laid-back type,

I like to take things slow,

But when Ms Mark says, “Class dismissed,”

Well, you should see me go!

 Jill McDougall

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