Poem of the Day


Out Walking


We raced along

sticks stuffed in back

of trailing grubby shirts

dust flying up

as feet kicked rocks

along the path of dirt

Hurry!” we cried

much faster now

air sucked in quick and deep

lungs bursting over distance

the trail becoming steep


The shadow we were chasing

was flitting in and out

of gnarled and broken tree trunks

then “Quickly!” with a shout

we pounced and drew our swords

blades waving in the air

Come out from where you’re hiding!

Come out from under there!”


And out he crept from darkness

held beneath a rock

great size and sudden hairiness

enough to give a shock

swords pointed bravely forward

ready for a fight

then “BOO!” came from that shadow

Dad laughing at our fright.


© Kristina Hoy


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