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Dad wants another holiday –

to the Outback once again!

‘And what’s it for this time?’ I asked.

‘I think you should explain

the purpose of this road trip,

and dangers we might face.

I want to know the details

before I’ll leave this place.’


You won’t believe his reason

for going way out west –

To see the thackaringas!

And yes, I think you’ve guessed:

they’re horrid vicious monsters

with eerie yellow eyes.

At night you hear around you

their baleful hungry cries.


Their teeth are big as tombstones

and they’ll eat a boy alive.

They only have to breathe on you

and you may not survive.

I think I’ll give this trip a miss

‘cause Dad said, on his honour,

‘If a thackaringa gets you

… you’re a goner.’


*Low hills 36km west of Broken Hill

© Kate O’Neil


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