Poem of the Day


Mighty Marron


In the fresh cool water

of the swimming hole

lived a mighty marron

‘bout ten years old


He’d seen it all

this wily thing

round netted traps

bacon dangled on string


“Come on little yabby”

he’d hear them call

“Come taste this bait-

it’s nice and raw!”


But this smart crayfish

knew better than that

he’d sniff a trick

in two seconds flat


He’d lay down low

on flat dark rocks

waiting sleepily

tick-tock, tick-tock


He’d heard the tales

of cooking pots

of melted butter

and eschalots


Of bisque, étouffée

a sauce from roux

of crawfish boils

all this he knew






So careful he’d be

when things came close

to tempt him out

for lobster roast


‘til one cloudy day

at that swimming hole

when someone sat down

and dangled their toe


It looked so strange

that rounded thing

so pink and plump

no sign of a string


So up he crept

that tricksy marron

with one great claw

he pinched right down on


“Yeow!” it cried

“Something’s bitten my toe!

“There’s a creature in there!

Quick catch it!” So…


That crafty marron

he let go fast

of that plump round toe

that clever cast


Another trap!

this one was new

but there was just no way

he’d be yabby stew!


© Kristina Hoy

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