Poem of the Day


Elephants’ noses

 by Mike Lucas

Elephants’ noses just growses and growses

Till they’re trumpy and trunky and long.

They can smell gone off cheese on an African breeze

When it’s left in a fridge in Hong Kong.


They can wash twenty buses without too much fusses

And pick up a forest of trees.

Their trunks are so long, when a cold comes along

Then it takes them an hour to sneeze.


They can tie them in knots – lots of knots, lots and lots.

They can hang from the hills in Burrundi.

They can tell smells apart – if you give them a fart

They will know what you’ve eaten last Monday.


Elephants’ trunks are so useful, me thunks.

Much more useful than our little snozzles.

And when they are dead and we dig up their heads

They make far much more interesting fozzils.

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