Poem of the Day

Postcard From Mars
by Allan Cropper

There’s a trillion stars
and one of them’s Mars,
and that’s where I’m wanting to go.
It shines brightly red
‘mongst stars overhead,
a warming and welcoming glow.
A star it not be?
No difference to me.
It lives way out there in deep space.
Can’t save for a house
on this planet of ours
so I’m thinking that Mars is the place.
I’m planning a trip,
booked on a space ship
that’s due to depart in the spring.
I will be space suited,
luggage is included,
I will not be packing a thing.
I’ll have all new neighbours,
they live in the craters,
antennae on top of their head.
They ‘re tiny and green,
but they’re easily seen
‘gainst a backdrop of nothing but red.
So wish me good luck
as I pack my space truck
to head off to the great unknown.
Don’t worry at all,
I’ll give you a call
if I can get bars on my phone.
I’ll try for a while,
continue to dial,
I’ll contact you, never you fear.
If I can’t get through
a post card will do,
that simply says ‘Wish you were here’.

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