Poem of the Day



By Teena Raffa-Mulligan


Tell me a tale of treasure untold,

buccaneers’ bounty, jewels and gold.

Spin me a yarn of a hazardous quest,

until it is ended the hero won’t rest.


Share stories of dragon, damsel and knight,

princesses rescued from a grave plight;

of monsters, aliens, mystery and magic,

adventurous, exciting, funny or tragic.


Whisk me to markets jostled by crowds.

Trek me up mountains shrouded in clouds.

Spin me through space at heart-stopping speed.

Chase me through tunnels –where do they lead?


Sail me across oceans so vast and deep,

I cannot help wonder what secrets they keep.

Lead me to forests where birds nest on high –

Wind through the trees is a whispering sigh.


Such silence and splendour fills me with awe,

inspires me to whisper, please show me more

of far distant places where I’ve not yet been.

Draw open the curtains upon the next scene.


As I travel abroad without leaving home,

I’m scientist, pirate, astronaut, gnome,

crook, cop or detective solving a crime,

anyone, anywhere, freefalling in time.


Thrill me, delight me, chill me, excite me,

amaze me, intrigue me, above all invite me

to enter a world where anything goes,

created for me in wonderful prose.


Words are my passport, ideas the key

To unlock my fancy and let it roam free.

I turn the first page to open the door

into magical Bookworld, its realms to explore.

* This poem appears in Charms, Volume Three, edited by Sally Odgers. Charms is a collection of stories, poems and illustrations by a range of contributors. It is also a fantasy novel in three volumes. For more information about this and other Prints Charming projects visit www.printscharmingbooks.com

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